Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have questions about my loan?

Contact us either by phone or email, go to the Contact Us tab for more info.

What is a co-signer?

A co-signer is a person that agrees to join the primary borrower in being responsible for the payment and loan obligation. All co-signers are fully responsible for payment just as the borrower is. You may benefit from using a co-signer if that co-signer strengthens the credit worthiness or ability to pay.

How do I get the Title to my vehicle?

Once you have paid your auto loan off in full we will send you your title within 30 business days (excluding holidays) via USPS Certified Mail (Signature Required).

What is my payoff?

Contact us to see exactly what your payoff is on your auto loan, your most recent transaction balance is not your payoff, it may be very close but is not exactly your payoff.

Does my loan have Gap Insurance?

Contact us to inquire if your loan has Gap insurance. This is a specific detail that is unique to every loan and you may need to inquire about it at the time of your vehicle purchase with the dealership.

Can I Make payments online?

Yes, you can make payments anytime online. We accept Debit Card payments 24/7.

Do you Trade-In?

No. If you are interested in trading in your vehicle with a dealer, they must contact us to get a 10-day payoff amount.

Can I Re-finance my vehicle?

We do not offer Re-finance.

Do I need to have insurance on the vehicle?

Yes! - It is our policy and requirement for your auto loan. The insurance must cover our interest in the vehicle. The insurance must include collision coverage and comprehensive coverage and combined additional coverages with a maximum deductible of $500 each and must name Blackstone Lending Group, Po Box 8241, Pasadena, TX 77508 as the lien holder/loss payee. You MUST keep the collateral insured against damage or loss until you have paid all that you owe under your contract.